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About Granite
 About Granite 

When choosing a surface material for your home, 
remember that Granite...

...comes in a large selection of Colors,

...offers many
Style choices (from polished to matte & textured),

...has unmatched
Aesthetic Appeal,

...is Durable (Won't scratch, stain, chip or crack with regular use),

Resistant to heat, water, & chemicals,

Suitable, because of its Low-Maintenance & Smooth Surfaces,

...is Repairable, should abuse occur,

...and is Sustainable to help preserve the earth's resources for future generations.


Natural Granite meets all the criteria for the ideal counter top.
When looking for Value, look no further than Natural Stone.

Why Choose Granite?

Granite is the perfect choice for food preparation and clean-up.
An igneous rock, granite is created in nature, as magma is cooled slowly and under great pressure. Because of its extreme hardness and dense grain, it is impervious to stains and has exceptional abrasion resistance. It is low-maintenance and easy to clean. As a surface material, granite is hard to beat!

No one will have granite exactly like yours.
Granite is found in an array of different colors and patterns thanks to its particular composition of crystals from four different minerals. (typically quartz, feldspar, mica and hornblende) Its composition varies depending on location it is found. The cost of each variety of granite is determined by its scarcity, but each and every stone is one-of-a-kind.

Natural stone is the countertop material that all others try to emulate.
The mineral makeup of each individual stone is what creates the beautiful colors and unique patterns of the stone you ultimately choose for your home. It has a beauty and depth of color that can't be imitated.                                            

Granite Care & Maintenance  
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Kitchen countertops  -  Bathroom vanities  -  Tub surrounds  -  Fireplace surrounds  -  More


Located in Batesville Indiana/
Serving parts of Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky

*Please Note: We reserve Saturdays, by appointment,
for slab viewing and tours.

To receive an estimate,
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We work directly with you,
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Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Remodeling and Home Design

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick, owners

Natural Stone & the Green Movement  Countertop selection is often the first place people look to when opting to go green. Natural stone (especially Soapstone) is a top choice for the environmentally-friendly. 

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