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(Musings of a Stone Designer)

Friday, May 21 2010
Around here, the trouble with soapstone is that:
1. It is very hard to find. (The natural stone suppliers who carry it, usually only have a couple of token slabs, often the less desired varieties)

2. You may have to order it on-line, which brings about another whole set of problems. (See last post: "So You Want to be a Rock Star?")
For example:
-Unless you are willing to travel, you must purchase it sight unseen.
-Even when called by the same name, the stone's variation in color, movement, and texture is often huge.
-Without owning some serious loading and lifting equipment, you will have to buy pre-cut slabs, which can be very limiting.

3. Most stone fabricators don't know much about soapstone. 

But, these things are about to change.  (At least these first two things!)

We are very excited to be partnering with a new (to us) soapstone supplier, Dorado Soapstone. Check out their web site at   

Dorado carries a beautiful line of soapstone--nine varieties in all.  The stone is very nice quality soapstone ranging from green, to gray, to blue, to black; and from plain, to subtle, to exotic. 

Dorado's Anasazi, one of their more unusual varieties of soapstone

Up until this point, home owners and fabricators have been unable to buy Dorado soapstone in this part of the country, but The Stone Studio, in Batesville, Indiana, is now able to supply Dorado soapstone to the entire tri-state area and beyond! 

Our initial shipment will include the strong but quietly beautiful Beleza:

Half-oiled slab of Beleza soapstone

as well as the more traditional Minas. 

Traditional Minas with subtle white veining

We plan to add Porto Alegro to our inventory later in the summer.

(Porto Alegro soapstone.  Photos courtesy of

Oh what you can do with soapstone! Endless possibilities now right here in Indiana.
The photos below were taken of kitchens from out west, where soapstone has been more available.

Boulder, CO

Cherry Creek, CO

Denver, CO

Sacramento, CA

...and even farther from home--Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  (There is plenty of soapstone in Brazil--that's where most of it comes from)

Each of these countertops look as though they have been around for centuries. They are timeless, "like the earth itself."

Dorado soapstone, now available in Indiana--one more nice thing about living in the mid-west!

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Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

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Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

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