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Our Current Soapstone Inventory
(We are pleased to report that our selection is growing!)


Soapstone is our specialty.  We've worked with exotic varieties of soapstone, traditional varieties of soapstone,
and everything in-between. These popular varieties pictured below are currently on site in our shop, and they
just happen to be a few of our favorites! 

Contact us to arrange a slab viewing and to visit our home showroom.



Barroca soapstone is a traditional black soapstone, with a beautiful spray of diagonal white veins running through it. Barroca is about a 2.5 on the MOHS scale. This stone selection has the traditional "soapy feel" and a soothing & inviting appearance.


Pinheiros Cascada

The slabs from this block of Pinheiros Altos are quite beautiful with their meandering, fine white veins that seem to gently "cascade" across the slabs. After oiling, the slabs look very black. All of the Pinheiros Altos slabs are approximately a 4.5 on the MOHS scale.                                                                                                                                                      


 Church Hill Extra

The variety of traditional black soapstone pictured above has the hard to find, coveted combination of cream veins on a very black background. It is also the only domestic soapstone variety available--another much sought after trait. We call these Church Hill slabs "extra" because the background is extra-black and extra-clear. The slabs are extra-large. And we think they are extra-nice! The photos above show images of slabs from several different blocks of stone, with a good bit of variation between them. Some have a striking veining pattern that creates an especially attractive appearance.  (a real show-stopper, in my opinion!)  Others have a minimal amount of very fine veins for an understated look, which appears solid black at first glance. Church Hill is about a #2.5 to 3 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. 



Global Black

 Although it is pretty subtle, Global Black has plenty of character when oiled and viewed in person. Understated veining in multiple colors is showcased on each slab. This is one of our hardest varieties of soapstone.  



The wonderful (and challenging) thing about selecting a natural stone slab for your home is that no two are exactly alike.  A dynamic veining pattern gives this particular variety its spectacular flare and abundant movement for a very natural look.  Anasazi is a hard Brazilian soapstone with a very black background and caramel, white and green veins. This is one soapstone variety that will not go unnoticed in any space.  



Porto Alegre

Beautiflu Brazilian soapstone in shades of black and green. This one has streaks of vivid green and white. Endless variation and unique character is always found with Porto Alegre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Pinheiros sutil

The slabs from this 3rd block of Pinheiros Altos are the plainest and blackest of the three. As you can see in some of the above photos, a swirling texture is visible before the mineral oil is applied to the surface of the stone.  Afterwards, however, the slabs look very black, with just a hint of veining.  This is a very subtle choice. All of the Pinheiros Altos slabs are approximately a 4.5 on the MOHS scale.                                                                 

 Church Hill dusk
The slab pictured above is typical of Church Hill soapstone. It has the same quiet presence, dark coloration, and interesting variegation we have grown to love. It also has the same easy-care properties as Brazilian soapstone. The occasional clean white veins and flecked background add texture and depth to any room it inhabits. Due to its innate ability to retain heat, soapstone is particularly well-suited for kitchen countertops or fireplace surrounds. This traditional American soapstone adds warmth and charm to any decor. Church Hill is about a 2.5 or 3 on the hardness scale.

*Quarried and processed by Alberene soapstone company in Schuyler, Virginia


Silver Cabo

Silver Cabo (above) has a very black background with a bold all-over veining pattern. The veins are mostly white with pool of intense green--resembling marble.  With oiling, the stone becomes very dark, very dramatic.  About a 2 or 2.5 on the Mohs.

 Cielo is harder than traditional soapstone, but not as hard as Pinheiros. With it's subtle, evenly scattered pattern-- this stone has a very calming appearance.


Pictured above is a very unique stone that has an equally attractive appearance whether in it's natural state (blue/gray) or after a treatment of mineral oil has been applied, transforming it into a dark charcoal/black color with deep green undertones. If you are looking for a very hard soapstone with an interesting pattern and plenty of color, this could be it.                                                                                                                                                                                              


Ocean Black

Ocean Black looks a bit like slate, a bit like a schist, and a bit like soapstone. In fact, it is a metamorphic rock called a phyllite. Although not a soapstone, it does provide a similar appearance as some varieties of soapstone, and it shares the wonderful property of being nonporous. It is harder than true soapstone, but softer than granite. (Approximately a 4 on the Mohs scale) The stone is very black with varying amounts of bold white veining, and a hint of subtle green currents here and there. The surface is honed, like soapstone, but a bit of shine can be detected in the very hard veins.  A real stunner!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                                                               

Honed Milky Way granite

Honed Milky Way granite is very black with varying amounts of faint white veining or swirling. As shown in the above photos, it can be color enhanced for a very black surface, or left natural for a "soft black" or charcoal color. This selection of granite subtley mimics the look of soapstone;however, it will not develop a patina as it is not prone to scratches. With its extreme durability, granite is an excellent choice for high traffic areas.   


Honed Metro Grey Granite

Metro Grey is not a soapstone at all, but a honed granite. This material is sometimes used as an alternative to soapstone for those who are drawn to a natural, unpretentious look, but would prefer a more consistent, vein-free pattern or an exceptionally scratch-resistant material. Unlike soapstone, which darkens over time, Metro grey will remain the same grey color that it is the day it is installed. Options include honed or leathered finish, and medium or deep charcoal grey. Honed Metro gray granite offers a care-free, modern aesthetic for today's home.


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Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Remodeling and Home Design

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz
Pete & Marlene Wukusick in Batesville, IN on Houzz

Pete & Marlene Wukusick, owners

Natural Stone & the Green Movement  Countertop selection is often the first place people look to when opting to go green. Natural stone (especially Soapstone) is a top choice for the environmentally-friendly. 

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